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So, do you want to know what your current internet plan is actually delivering, do you want to know if you are getting the fastest speed available at your home or business, and what about plans - are you on the best one for your home or business?  Well, it's a complicated market out there when it comes to your options, and its not always easy to understand what you already have and whether it really meets your needs.  

So what we've done is pull together on this page links to sites that can help you out - they're grouped below (scroll down) to help you find the answers you're looking for to the following questions:

What speed is my current broadband?

Am I getting the best broadband speed available?

Can I compare broadband plans, prices and providers?

What speed is my current broadband?

There's a number of sites that you can use to see what speed you are experiencing.  Remember though, they measure from your device through to their servers so can be very dependant on things like the quality of your wifi router, the access network and also the network of your retail provider.  BUT if you think the speed you are getting is slower than you think it should be, your first port of call is ALWAYS to log a fault with your service provider and get them to check.

Test your Internet connection speed at

SPEEDTEST.NET is the most commonly used site to test your speed.


FAST.COM is hosted by NETFLIX and is very simple.  It only measures your download speed as tested against several NETFLIX servers.

The GOOGLE Video Quality Report will give you a view of the results using their YouTube services and shows your providers results.  If you click on the button that says "Compare Providers in Your Area" you will get the chance to see their results for other providers.

Am I getting the best broadband speed available?

Currently there's really only one site that compares your current speed with what is the best option - and then only compares the fixed network available from Chorus.  That means if you are in the NorthPower, UltraFast, or Enable Fibre areas this tool won't tell you if fibre is available there.  You'll need to check the tools on each of their pages for that.

Type your address in here and you can compare your current speed with what's the best available from the Chorus Network.


Can I compare broadband plans, prices and providers?

These are the most recently released websites.  They are heavily reliant on the information they are provided by retailers, or the information they can glean from the retailers websites - use them to give you some idea of what's available, then click through to the retailer's own site to check for yourself. 

The Broadband Compare website was recently launched and gives you a list of plans available from providers using your address.  Their aim is to show you the best plan available to you.

Glimp is a second independent site, launched earlier in 2016 that also uses your address to show what plans are available that suit you based on various criteria.

If you want to compare providers on some of the more technical issues then click over to this site ( hosted by our friends over at InternetNZ shines light on whether ISPs are doing the things such as using IPV6, how often they give your information to law enforcement, secuitry vulnerabilits and whether they use the Digital Child Exploitation Fileter.