Complaints & Disputes

Advice on Complaints & Disputes

TUANZ is a not-for-profit membership association, representing a constituency of corporate members.

Therefore we are not in a position to handle individual complaints from individual members of the public.

If you have a particular issue with a telecommunications service provider, TUANZ recommends that in the first instance you contact your service provider.

Contacting the service provider directly with your issue or complaint is often the best first port of call to resolve the matter. 


If you have a dispute with a telecommunications service provider, TUANZ recommends that you contact the Telecommunication Dispute Resolution (TDR) service.

This is a free and independent service to help work out disputes between consumers and telecommunication companies.

To contact the TDR call 0508 98 98 98 or visit

In some instances Consumer NZ may be able to assist however would probably expect you to become a member. Visit

Selecting a telecommunications provider

TUANZ does not provide any recommendations, advice or endorsement for any particular fixed-line, internet or mobile service providers.

If you are uncertain of which provider to choose, we suggest you use the tools that you can find on our Tools & Resources page on our website.

Advice for TUANZ Members

If your organisation is a TUANZ member and needs advice on dealing with a telecommunications-related issue, please contact us via email with a brief description of the issue.