TUANZ’s operations are governed by a board elected from among its members. Board members volunteer their time and represent the diversity of the TUANZ membership base and the user community. The Board promotes members’ interests on a wide range of issues, while providing governance and oversight for the running of the association.


TUANZ’s staff comprises a lean, but highly-motivated team, led by its chief executive and supported by enthusiastic and exceptionally experienced specialists. It’s their mission to not only keep TUANZ running but deliver great service to its members in the form of top quality events, networking and information.

Member Interaction

TUANZ aims to be an invaluable source of information and advice to our members with a lively flow of information through our website, blogs, reports and special publications. The TUANZ blogs provide up-to-minute updates and practical advice on critical issues, while periodic special reports offer more in-depth insights. We also ensure close contact with our members through our calendar of conferences and events, delivering vital information to our members. Our flagship annual TUANZ Telecommunications Day conference is packed with information to help members in their daily decision-making; the prestigious TUANZ Innovation Awards celebrate the ingenuity and success of our members; and special interest focus events drill down into the huge opportunities telecommunications offers for efficient delivery in sectors such as education, health and rural use of communications technology.

Policy Influence

With a loud voice and sheer persistence TUANZ ensures policymakers are left with no doubt as to what telecommunications users need and demand of them. We knock on doors, rattle trees and rustle feathers to make certain our members’ wishes are heard and heeded in the offices of the politicians and officials who decide and administer telecommunications policies in New Zealand. We lobby hard, engage directly at all levels of Government, write screeds of submissions and vocally offer our opinion even when it is not asked for – and especially then. Telecommunications is a high profile public policy topic, and it’s our style to expose our arguments to public scrutiny at every opportunity. TUANZ is also represented in several external organisations including the board of the Telecommunications Carriers’ Forum (TCF) where we directly influence industry standards and policies. Backed by a substantial constituency representing a broad swath of New Zealand’s business and society, our voice and right to be heard has been tough for any Government or carrier to ignore.

Opinion leadership

TUANZ strives to be a thought leader on all the fast-moving telecommunications and related issues affecting our members. We maintain strong links with experts both locally and overseas, regularly attend world-leading conferences and engage in constant learning to keep abreast of the latest trends and wisdoms in the global telecommunications universe.  TUANZ maintains close affiliations with:

We also interact regularly with the OECD and other influential world bodies.  

Through this we develop sound, well-rounded and meticulously researched opinions on matters of concern to our members.