New Zealand is on the verge of a great new age of super-connectivity. Very soon, ultrafast broadband will criss-cross the length and breadth of this country bringing ubiquitous connectivity to nearly all Kiwis.

It will enable businesses to improve productivity, and to deal far more efficiently with well-connected customers.

Families, wherever they live, will become far better connected.  Smart young Kiwis will be much more attracted to living here rather than overseas. The world’s capitals will be on our electronic doorstep, while we will become earlier adopters of leading-edge services like fibre-powered television on demand.

Yet building the infrastructure is only part of the challenge.  We need to use it creatively to transform the way we do business and live our lives.

That’s a challenge not only for the telecommunications industry and the government, but for you – the user. Users will need solid strategies and a strong voice. 

That’s where TUANZ excels. We’ve been instrumental in getting the connectivity to the top of the political agenda. Now we must prepare our members and the wider community to take full advantage of this vast opportunity. We intend to play a leading role in creating and promoting the vision of a New Zealand transformed by ultra fast connectivity.


TUANZ is a not-for-profit membership association with over 27 years of positive telecommunications change in our history.  

We comprise of over 200 members, predominantly large organisations with a strong dependency on telecommunications technology as well as small enterprises.   At the top-end our members include

  • major government departments
  • major banks and credit card companies
  • insurance firms
  • supermarket and fast food chains
  • financial institutions
  • transport operators
  • universities and tertiary institutions
  • IT vendorstelecommunications carriers
  • leading exporters of both products and intellectual capital.

We are also here for the little guy – we serve a representative group of SMEs and individual members. These small businesses and residential users are the customers of our large corporate members, who are just as focused on the quality of their customers’ connectivity as their own. 

Please join us. Let’s take this leap into our digital future together.