TUANZ Board Members

Pat O’Connell – Chairman

Pat is CIO of the Rank Group, based in Auckland. The Rank Group is a private company with extensive manufacturing interests worldwide. Pat has worked in and around the IT industry all his working life, in various roles, formerly technical, now less so, as he gets older and smarter. His career has also seen him a mainframe systems programmer, a principle consultant with Ernst & Young, and CIO for Carter Holt Harvey.

He has two daughters at various universities, and enjoys running, squash and swimming, and sometimes a bit of climbing. He holds an MBA from Australia’s Southern Cross University.

Pat O’Connell has served as a TUANZ board member since 2006 and as TUANZ Chair since 2010.

Donna Spargo - Board Member

Donna is a dedicated telecommunications user and industry professional who is passionate about NZ digitally connecting with the world and the benefits this will bring. She has been working in the telecommunications industry for the past 18 years since joining CLEAR Communication in 1997. Currently working at Downer NZ as National Manager of the Work Management Centre, which is responsible for dispatching and managing over 600k jobs a year for many of NZ’s key service providers.

Recently Donna has led Stakeholder, Health and Safety and Quality teams working on the NBN roll out in Australia. Prior to this she has worked in strategic roles representing Downer with key national clients and TelstraClear with the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF) to implement the Customer Transfer Codes and Customer Complaint Codes and Local and Mobile Number Portability. Her background in telecommunications has included working as a call centre representative to more technical analyst roles integrating ordering and billing systems. Donna graduated in 2014 with a Masters of Business Administration from University of Newcastle.

Donna has been on the TUANZ Board since 2015.

Guy Alexander - Board Member

Guy Alexander.jpg

Guy is currently Key Accounts Manager at Xero, looking after strategic client relationships for the NZ business. Prior to being at Xero, Guy was an account manager at Chorus for two and a half years looking after a diverse range of telco clients.

Guy started his career in the IT&T sector by starting a business focused on selling toll bypass calling to SME’s. What initially started as a hobby pursuit while studying at University of Auckland became a full time venture, cumulating to an exit via trade sale to NZX listed Payments provider, SmartPay (NZX:SPY) in December 2008.

Guy has held several not for profit board roles, namely five years on the board of CanTeen New Zealand, the organisation that supports Young people living with cancer. The last two years Guy was National President. In addition to this Guy spent two years on the board of the Child Cancer Foundation and currently is a Trustee of Volunteering Auckland.

Outside of work, Guy is a member of Downtown Rotary Club of Auckland, a keen road cyclist and loves to travel. 

Guy has been on the TUANZ Board since 2015.

Jenna Woolley - Board Member

Jenna Woolley is responsible for strategic projects at The Network for Learning Ltd (N4L). This role is designed to operate across the company, identifying, scoping and tracking strategic initiatives in support of N4L’s overarching objectives. Jenna has a deep understanding of the education landscape and how it interfaces with technology. She has spent almost three years building strategies to help cement schools and students as critical technology users. 

Jenna sits on the Online Safety Advisory Group (OSAG) a cross-sector group facilitated by the Ministry of Education. This was established to support online safety and digital citizenship for children and young people.

After more than a decade working as a business focused professional in IT and telecommunications, Jenna has broad experience on both sides of the industry. She has worked in strategy roles with Soltius, Telecom Retail, and as an industry analyst with IDC. She has also worked with both NZTech and the TCF facilitating industry working groups.

Jenna is passionate about technology as a catalyst for change and growth in New Zealand. She believes it starts education and ensuring schools have equitable access to digital technologies, enabling new ways of learning. In her role at N4L she has seen first hand the potential for the anywhere, anytime, nature of a digital world to create digital employment opportunities and prosperity in the regions. To fully capitalise on this, technology and connectivity need to thrive in the regions in both education and industry.

Jenna has been on the TUANZ Board since 2015.

Liz Gosling - Board Member, Deputy Chair

Liz Gosling is the Chief Information Officer at Auckland University of Technology.

She leads a team of 170 people, and is responsible for information technology provision for AUT's staff and students, including 6,500 + desktop and laptop computers, IT and Digital plans, networking, audio visual services, innovation, contracts and software licensing, customer relationships and support services, as well as the development teams and infrastructure.

Her role is focussed on contributing to the University’s strategic direction, creating and executing ICT strategy, building collaborative relationships with key stakeholders across the University and ensuring that ICT delivers excellent services and value. 

Liz studied Computer Science at the University of Westminster in London, and holds an MBA (Human Resources Management), Distinction from AUT. She has worked in the IT industry for over three decades, in New Zealand, the US, UK and Europe, in a variety of roles in commercial and not for profit organisations, and in both vendors and client companies.  Liz is the current Director of the CAUDIT Leadership Institute, of which she was previously a faculty member.  She was chair of the Universities NZ Information and Communications Technology Committee, for four years and was also the New Zealand invited board member on the CAUDIT Executive.

Her professional interests include customer relationship management, human resources and change management and staff development.  She is passionate about the need for all New Zealanders to access high speed, high quality and affordable internet connectivity, and about the transformative power of education.

Liz has been on the TUANZ Board since 2015.

Malcolm Condie - Board Member

Malcolm Condie has had a long and varied career in the technology industry in NZ. He has worked in the media, health, manufacturing, distribution and finance industries in various roles all with telecommunications accountabilities. This includes leading the operations and infrastructure teams for the trans-Tasman business of Oxygen Business Solutions (CHH). During his subsequent tenure at TelstraClear, Malcolm lead the project developing New Zealand’s first full MVNO for TelstraClear with Telecom, now Spark. 

Malcolm has strengths in datacentre, business continuity, infrastructure and customer advocacy. He currently holds a technology leadership role with ANZ bank, and most recently was responsible for merging the technology capability of ING NZ into the ANZ Bank in NZ.

Malcolm has been on the TUANZ Board since 2016.

Maxine Elliott - Board Member

Maxine Elliott’s 25-year career as a senior B2B business leader in New Zealand and Australia has drawn upon her strong management, marketing and commercial skills. 

Prior to joining Vocus Communications, Maxine was CEO at Ultrafast Fibre, and earlier, GM at Vector Communications, a start-up fibre network. 

Her track record in these roles shows an outstanding ability for strategy, leadership and delivery. From being the first to introduce a one gigabit Internet product to New Zealand’s residential market to transforming her previous workplace into a ‘best place to work’, Maxine is highly respected for tackling and resolving complex issues.

Following Vocus’ acquisition of FX Networks and more recently Amcom, her role as CEO at Vocus NZ is, in her words, ‘the most exciting yet’, as the company challenges the status quo within the industry. With the constant transformations in the industry and the benefits that innovations in telecommunications can bring to New Zealand’s business community, she sees more opportunity than ever for the industry to make a real difference in people’s lives and the businesses that drive the country forward.

Maxine has been on the TUANZ Board since 2015.

Rob McDonnell - Board Member


Rob McDonnell is the Head of Digital Enterprise at Air New Zealand, and has over 20 years of IT and Telecommunications industry experience.  In this role he is responsible for the digital enterprise environments and platforms, including mobility, their roadmaps, strategies, innovation and delivery. Being a global 24/7 organisation, with critical operations, telecommunications plays a big part in the operations and in the lives of the staff at Air New Zealand. Rob had previously managed online and mobile customer facing platforms, with innovation a key component for success. Prior to this,  Rob spent 6 years with Vodafone NZ and also had a year with Meteor back in Ireland. Having left Ireland 20 years ago, he has consulted in ERP and CRM around Europe and the Middle East prior to moving to Auckland.

Rob has been on the TUANZ Board since 2016.

Tristan Ilich - Board Member

Tristan Ilich is the NZ Built Environment Leader at Aurecon, a global engineering design and consultancy firm. 

An electrical engineer by background with 20 years in the Built Environment, Telecommunications and Data Centre markets - Tristan brings a wealth of engineering, commercial and end-user experience to TUANZ. 

As a provider of innovative engineering solutions to the Built Environment across NZ, and as part time technology enthusiast with his four young children, Tristan understands the commercial and social value of the current proliferation of technology in our homes, schools and workplaces.

Tristan was co-opted on to the Board in 2016

Vaughan Baker - Board Member

As the Managing Director of MyRepublic New Zealand, the fibre focused broadband provider currently disrupting the telecommunications and content industries, Vaughan is actively involved in the industry, and strongly believes that we all have a role to ensure the promise of initiatives such as the UFB and RBI programmes and separation of Telecom is delivered for the benefit of all Kiwis.  For more than a decade, he has been an advocate for ubiquitous ultra-fast broadband and its potential to transform New Zealand’s economy and way of life, and is a firm believer that New Zealand will grow its capacity to compete globally. As the CEO of the New Zealand Regional Fibre Group, Vaughan played a pivotal role in enabling a structure of locally owned and managed network companies to deliver open access fibre to retail providers. As a result of this undertaking, today approximately 30% of the UFB network is built and managed by local fibre companies.

Vaughan has been on the TUANZ Board since 2016.



TUANZ and its members are bound to Association's Constitution.

A copy of the Constitution and Rules of the Association is available here.

Board Conflict of Interest Policy

TUANZ Board members volunteer services to the organisation by virtue of their close association and high level of knowledge of the Telecommunications Industry, such interest stemming from their private roles on one or both of the demand and supply side of the industry.

As such, situations may arise where Board members are seen to have vested or conflicted interests regarding board activities.

The TUANZ Board Conflict of Interest Policy assists Board members and protects them and TUANZ from the potential threat to its Independent Advisor status stemming from any such real or perceived conflict.

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