TUANZ Submission on the Telco Act Review options paper

TUANZ last week (2nd September) submitted our views on the Government's options paper released earlier in the year as part of the current review of the Telecommunications Act.  In our response we reminded the Government that our position is consistent and clear: The availability of competitively priced, good quality, fast connectivity in all parts of NZ is a critical economic enabler for the future of the NZ economy.

The specific issues we are looking to be addressed for users in this current review are;

  1. Price Certainty – absolutely no price shock for users

  2. Continued Improvement – no unhelpful constraints on enhancements to the network underpinning our digital future

  3. Rural Connectivity - our goal is that the rural connectivity experience should be equivalent to that within the urban environment

  4. Mobile Developments – renewing our call for a wide ranging independent review of the mobile market

  5. Transparency – to help overcome the information asymmetry between the industry and users

  6. Consumer Disputes Process – a strengthening of the independence of processes

  7. End User Involvement – ensuring users have resources available to provide credible engagement in these processes

You can read the full submission here.