Executive Introduction to Telco In NZ – 2 hour course


With so many choices of provider, service, devices and applications, how do you make an informed decision on the ones that will help you and your Business? Do you need some clarity on current telecommunications systems and how the new applications they enable can help? 

Then you need this jargon busting 2hr long Executive level programme.  It’s a non-technical explanation of current telecommunications systems like fibre, wireless, 4G/LTE, UFB and RBI, do you go Hosted, Cloud based or in-house? This session will provide you with a greater understanding of the language and acronyms surrounding telco services and more importantly, what they could do for you and your business.

Delivered in a fun, interactive way with hands-on exercises and a quiz or two!


Executives, Management, Salespeople and others wanting a non-technical overview of current telco technologies and applications & the impact they could have on your business.

Anyone who wants their business or community to make the most of fixed and mobile broadband and the new applications and ways of working/playing it enables. This programme will provide you with a solid understanding of telco technology basics and how it all works together, in simple English.


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